Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food, Not Just For Your Plate

Food, not just for you plate, I know that already because I use vinegar in my cleaning chores and grounded coffee to make smells in the fridge go away.

When I hear a couple of weeks ago from a beauty trick that would make your skin smooth and young,
 I was all ears! 
This beauty secret does not involve many ingredients,
 just one really: egg white.

Always into something new, I gave it a try.

30 minutes before going in the shower I split the egg and applied the egg white with some kitchen paper (didn't have a little brush) on my face. You don't really use all the egg white so after the shower you could have a little omelet ;)
After a while you feel the egg hardening and pulling on your skin.
In the shower it's easy to remove with some warm water, I loved the result!
You should apply a moisturizing cream after the shower.

I feel like it wipes out fine lines and leaves my skin smooth and soft, I do it twice a week now and the great thing is that its so cheap!

Give it a try!


  1. wow! off she goes into the kitchen in search for an egg!

  2. I just throw out some egg whites that was left from a cake...:(

  3. Next time you know what to do with them! ;)