Monday, February 27, 2012


 This weekend we went to Chania, a town in the north of Crete, it was Wonderful! We were very lucky with the weather, lovely sunny days so we could spend a lot of time outside:

The kids were feeding the fish with the left overs of the bread.

Our doggy Chico came along and was the best behaved dog ever!

Me and my friend Geli on the old harbor of Chania

Our hotel was in one of the traditional narrow streets of Chania, gorgeous!

My Husband, son and doggy :)

Chania is only 2 hours from where we live but its like being in a complete different place, we will spend some more time here for sure!
If you like to go one time I can give you the advice to go out of the season because in the summer its crazy busy! And also ask the locals for the non touristic restaurants were the food is great and the prices logic. (look were the Greeks are eating ;)


  1. Amazing and sunny place!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Perfect trip. I hope to go some day :)

  3. Chico is beautiful and I love Greece, I hope to visit it again soon!
    The colors you show in the pics are in my heart, I am sicilian so I know those colors and those nature :)

  4. I would love to visit Sicily!
    One day...